Tuesday, 4 May 2010

National Scrapbook Day My Pink Stamper Challenges

Good evening all, those of you that read my blog will know that my youngest son is in hospital and therefore I was unable to take part in any National Scrapbook Day challenges but I did do my bit for the day.
On the young adult ward where my son is are two young girls aged 12 and 13 who don't seem to get many visitors and keep popping into the room where my son and another lad is wanting them to play games with them. Of course two lads of 15 and 16 are not too impressed so I find myself playing board games just to occupy them.
Then, when I came home from the hospital on Saturday evening I saw all the challenges that Robyn aka My Pink Stamper had running and decided to take in some supplies and get the girls crafting, if of course they wanted to. They jumped at the chance. I cut out various shapes on my circut that I thought they might want to use and took those along with my scraps box for them to play with.
Here is what they created for each challenge, I have only added one project for each challenge but they both made an item for all challenges.
I hope it is alright for me to put these all in one post but link to each challenge seperately, if not please delete.
Challenge 1 For Mom
Challenge 2 Get Scrappy
This card was made out of all the pieces I keep in my scraps box for my god daughter to play with and not the shapes I had cut for them lol
Challenge 3 & 4 Not Entered
These two challenges were too difficult for me to achieve under the circumstances.
Challenge 5 For Teacher
Challenge 6 Kids Crafts
I am entering all these projects as they were all made by kids.
Challenge 7 For Dad
They argued over who was going to use this embossed piece as it was the only piece in the box lol
Challenge 8 Monochromatic With A Flower

Challenge 9 Shaped
The teddy face was stamped by one of the nurses, it is one of there 'good boy/girl' stamps
Challenge 10 Spring
Challenge 11 Not Entered
Oops I missed this one
Challenge 12 Animal or Critter
This butterfly is 3 layers and all I had was the vellum piece which they drew around to make the extra layers themselves.
Didn't they do a great job.
I have agreed that should any prize be won from these enteries I will donoate it to the ward or if not useable on the ward I will donate the equivilent  in craft goods.

Edited to add:-
Since writing this post my son has been allowed home, hopefully for good this time.


Christine said...

What a great idea! I bet those girls had the time of their life!!!

I'm so glad that your son is home. I'll keep him in my praryers.


Mandy said...

Hi Kim,
I have caught up with all of your news,I hope your son is well on the road to recovery...How lovely of you to think of the girl's with everything else you had to think about..They certainly made some beautiful cards...
Mandy xx

Enfys said...

Kim, this post warmed my heart, what a lovely thoughtful thing to do, I am sure the girls loved doing the challenges, and you have probably lit a crafting fire in them both. So glad your son is home,
Enfys xx