Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Where Have I Been & Why No Blogging.

As I said yesterday I would let you know today why i have not been blogging. Firstly we had the tragic death of a family friend who died in a car accident on her grand daughter's 3rd birthday just hours after we had left them at the party. Because the accident was caused by the husband of this lady and there was no other cars involved he has been arrested for dangerous driving (he himself does not remember what actually happened and being a doctor he was never one to speed and always had a very alert mind and not likely to have fallen asleep), therefore the funeral has taken ages to sort out as the police would not release the body. The funeral finally took place on the 10th June which would of been the lady's 59th birthday, it was a lovely service with the chapel full to bursting point. We now have to wait for the court case which is set for the 6th July but I have a feeling that it may be adjurned as crown prosecution are still trying to piece the incident together.
As the funeral was held half way between my house and my parents (2 and a half hours away) my husband decided to surprise me and take me to my parents for a week so that HE could have a rest and get on with some things he wanted to do, now I know that sounds a bit off but as he has to do most things for me and because he works full time (just across the road I have to add so he can pop home when needed lol) his days off are always taken up with shopping and housework so this way he gets to do things for himself and I got to be spoiled for a week!!!!
Having come home things have not got any better as my daughter has been in tears for the last few days following the death of her very dear close friend, the friend had Cystic Fybrosis so it was always inevitable that she would die young but it came sooner than expected at the age of 19. I think when you are only 20 yourself it must hit you extremely hard to see someone younger than you slip away so quickly especially as this is the only person my daughter has known to die apart from very elderly relatives.
So there you are, I am now preparing for the next bombshell to hit us!!!!!!
Kim xXx


Lilacanglia said...

aww Kim,
I am so sorry to hear all the bad news,
Life will get better,

Saskia said...

Dear Kim,

You're going trough a hard time...
I'll be thinking of you and your family and friends...
BIG hug and lots of love,
Saskia :)

Christine said...

My sympathy goes out to you and your daughter.